Gloria Enjoys Dead Night

Dead Night is an extremely singular film of the debutant Brad Baruh, undoubtedly contains some good ideas, both in terms of ideas and filming style, but it is extremely sibylline, ending up lacking the minimum consistency necessary for a fully satisfying vision.

The story is set in the middle of remote mountain forests, completely covered with snow. The overture, hermetic as the rest, is made up of a hazy ritual: in a flashback set in the ’60s a deformed creature attacks a couple secluded in a car in the camp and kidnaps the girl who, after a while, gives birth to a newborn immediately taken into custody by a handful of hooded individuals. Cut. A cheerful composed of Casey (Brea Grant) and James (AJ Bowen) Pollack, teenage sons Jason (Joshua Hoffman) and Jessica (Sophie Dalah), and finally the latter’s friend Becky (Elise Luthman) goes in the car towards a chalet to spend a holiday weekend. Indeed, James was diagnosed with terminal cancer and went with his loved ones to that remote place as rumors claim he has miraculous healing properties.

Dead Night is more than a discrete horror film. First there is the premise, unfortunately too uneven, which refers to a sect left who lives in the woods and whose practices seem to reside between the supernatural and the Luciferian. Then there is the center of the narration; a disturbing Barbara Crampton (horror icon that has not yet lost her touch), who manages to build a good sense of anguish and annoyance while revealing to the naive victims her true nature, first slowly with actions and disconcerting phrases, then with a sudden and unexpected change (I cannot say more to avoid ruining the surprise!).

This film was both unpredictable with a great storyline! I would recommend watching it so you can see for yourself what kind of horrors you will find stepping into unknown territory.

-Gloria Skulls

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