Mara Enters THE CABIN

In Johan Bodell’s full-length directorial debut, THE CABIN, a tense couple, Henry and Rose, (Christopher Lee Page & Caitlin Crommett) take a trip to Henry’s childhood family cabin where they have a horrible time.  This is not just because they resent each other and are constantly at each other’s throats, but also because some freak with a tiny ax is on the loose and trying to murder anyone and everyone in sight!  Now they must put their stupid relationship crap aside and try to stay alive!

Some of the shots in this movie are beautiful.  Many of the scenes, if stills, would be captivating photography. Cinematographer Charles Doan did a superb job.  That being said, this Swedish horror film doesn’t always feel like a horror film- more like a drama with some violence thrown in.  There are some gory scenes, but the blood looks a little too thin and a little too light in color. Though there are some suspenseful chase scenes, the killer is not that threatening. While watching the movie, one could imagine Harry and Rose easily being able to team up and take this dude out.  Most of the tense moments are bickering in scenes between Rose and Harry.  It’s hard to imagine why Rose would even agree to going on the trip, and why Harry would want to bring her along in the first place.

Then I got thinking… Just maybe this is the whole message of the movie!  The killer is not supposed to be that menacing.  He can be easily defeated if the two could just work together… Damn…  well, if you want to know what happens, watch the movie. If this is something you would enjoy when sitting down to watch a horror film, you might find this movie interesting.

This critic would have liked to see thicker, redder blood, and a killer that makes me feel uneasy even in the sublime safety of my own living room.  Try as he might, Cary Elwes-lookalike writer/actor, Erik Kammerland is NO Kane Hodder.

THE CABIN is available on VOD and DVD NOW.


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