Review: Nick Simon’s TRUTH OR DARE Is The Perfect Game For Halloween

Truth or Dare is a game that has always had insidious undertones. Though considered a game, most relish in unearthing embarrassing or even damaging information. Let’s face it, we like to see others torn down. But what if that act includes death itself and you were forced to play? Would it still be fun? This is the core of the new film from Nick Simon (The Pyramid, The Girl In The Photographs) called simply TRUTH OR DARE.

Carter Boyle (Luke Baines) invites seven friends to a Halloween party for a game of Truth or Dare at a supposed haunted rental house. The group includes Med student Tyler (Mason Dye), his girlfriend Alex (Cassandra Scerbo), her bestie Maddie (Brytni Sarpy), smartass Holt (Harvey Guillen) sport Luke (Ricardo Hoyos), his girl Jessie (Alexxis Lemire) and Addison (Christina Marie Masterson). Each has there own secrets that are unknown to the rest. Years ago, several kids died there playing the same game in the same house. Sure. Sounds like a good idea. It isn’t long before things go south and that’s when Truth Or Dare takes of a life of its own.

Once the game starts, it waste no time taking a turn. After an initial girl-girl kiss (cause let’s face it, that’s what Truth or Dare is really about) truths start flying and feelings are hurt. Turns out Tyler slept with Alex’s best friend Maddie. Obviously this is a problem but the real problems have only begun. The house truly is haunted and it has no intention of letting them stop playing. As the game escalates, so do the dares and there is no choice, you do the dare or the dare does you. I won’t ruin the fun of course but there are insects, hangings, pliers, clippers, cars, and guns involved in these dares and you won’t be able to watch them all.

Director Nick Simon serves up a non stop flinch inducing story that manages to be the BEST version of this classic movie trope. This is horror the way we like it. Fun, visceral, and without remorse, but told with a sense of skill unmatched. Simon coaxes solid performances from his cast as always with a great appearance from Heather Langenkamp as a survivor from the initial game.

This is Truth or Dare horror done right and if you need something new to watch this Halloween, this is it!

Truth or Dare premiers TONIGHT on SYFY!

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