Review: CULT OF CHUCKY Is The Best Since The Original

Over the years, we’ve seen Chucky in many incarnations, as human, doll, lover and father. He has been both terrifying and comical. The one classic slasher that has it all. Yes it’s a little odd but Chucky has always surprised us and in his return in CULT OF CHUCKY, we get some of the biggest surprises yet.

CULT OF CHUCKY  picks up with Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif), now in a mental institution and accused of the murders of her entire family from the previous film. Her doctor, Foley (Michael Therriault) is not helping her either. Nica is pretty much alone, except for fellow patient  Michael (Adam Hurtig) who doesn’t remember having sex with her since he has MPD. The rest of her group either hate her or are lost in their own world. Things don’t look good but as bad as they are, they get worse when Dr. Foley introduces a good guy doll into the therapy.

This would seem ominous at first except that the Chucky doll is actually with Andy (Alex Vincent) being tortured. By the way, he still looks mangled so what does that mean for the good looking Chucky doll? Is there a continuity error or are there more than one?

These are the questions that set CULT OF CHUCKY in motion. What you see is the best damn Chucky film since the original. Original deaths, good scares and surprises galore. Without giving too much away, Chucky continues to torture Nica inside the asylum while adult Andy is dealing with some problems of his own.

This is a fantastic film that goes to places no one would expect. It’s violent, creepy and perverse in the best ways. Don Mancini continues to grow as a director and really commands this film. It’s also nice to get a visit from Chucky this Halloween that is a back to darkness kind of film.

CULT OF CHUCKY is available now!


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