#CREEPLA LORE Is The Cant Miss Experience This Season

#CREEPLA is the only must see on my Halloween calendar since its debut two years ago. This is not a haunt unless you count the caverns of your mind once you leave. This is an immersive experience that few can match. After the first two years (each held in a different location in Los Angeles) CreepLA has teamed with Amazon Prime to create an all new type of Creep, LORE.

LORE is a podcast that makes its premier as a six part Amazon Prime series on Friday the 13th! Aaron Mahnke’s podcast centers on folklore and the darkness of fairy tales. The new CreepLA LORE begins in silence once again. It creates a feeling of impending dread and anticipation. When your “host” finally emerges from the darkness, you feel as if you have fallen through the cracks of sanity.

To tell you anything in detail is to say too much but I will give you these words –  Darkness, coffins, woods, kisses, possession, cabins, fire places, beds, hospitals, windows and werewolves. You will relive childhood fears and adult curiosities. You will see things that you wish you hadn’t and even if you have been to every haunt in the world, this will give you something new, unexpected and completely haunting. It will stay with you long after you’ve left.

This is an hour long decent into another world where you are part of the story. You interact with the actors in a seamless world like no other. You will be separated from others in a controlled free roaming environment. You will have your own experience as well as a shared one with a group. It is all of these contradictions in the best way. Loose yourself in this experience and I promise you, you wont be disappointed.

CREEPLA LORE is open now on select nights through November 12th. It is based at 1986 Hill Street, Los Angeles, Ca. 90007.



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