Flore Can’t Look Away From 3 : AN EYE FOR AN EYE

Inside the filthy basement, horror awaits a man, while two others had already found death. An eye for an eye, they say, and in this situation the good guys become the bad guys seeking revenge.

The man lies there, hands bound, the reason he was kidnapped in the first place was for being a rapist. One night, he decided to take advantage of a woman by putting drugs in her drink, rapping her, doing to her things she can´t even mention after the events. Things like cutting her nipples off, torturing and sodomizing her, mercilessly. He wasn´t alone, and his partners in crime had what they deserved.

After ruining the woman´s life the rapist didn´t think this was going to be the beginning of the end for him, now the woman´s husband will help her to get what she wants: A confession. As simple as that, he confesses his crime in front of the camera and he will be in police hands as soon as he speaks.

The kidnapper is a trained soldier, torture is his method and escaping is not an option, they need him to tell the truth, but the truth is a little more twisted than it seems.

The husband, the wife, the rapist under the same roof. The three of them are lying, the three of them are hiding a secret, that will be revealed by the end. Somebody will result seriously hurt.

Moviemaker Lou Simon’s (“All Girl’s Weekend”, “HazMat”), presents us this film and leaves the viewer wondering, how far will someone go looking for justice?

Starring Aniela McGuinness (Rock of Ages), Todd Bruno (HazMat), Mike Stanley (“Revolution”), and Katie Carpenter (Acrimony), 3 : An Eye for an Eye, will be on VOD on August 7, and if you want to discover the horrors inside the basement, and most important… the horrors hiding inside someone´s mind, you shouldn’t miss it!

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