Mara Spends A Night In THE NURSERY

THE NURSERY, the first feature film by director-duo Christopher A. Micklos and Jay Sapiro, is a visually compelling and moody horror film that uses suspense, interesting camera angles, shadows, and color to convey horror rather than run of the mill haunted house scares or gratuitous gore.

Ranea (Madeline Conway), a college girl troubled by her past, takes a babysitting job and readies herself for what she thinks should be a quiet night.  Right away, it becomes apparent that she isn’t quite alone… Unnerving quick cuts, strobing and bizarre sounds create a discomforting and creepy mood.  Soon, Ranea is joined by her three friends, Calista (Emmaline Friederichs), Grace (Carly Rae Sauer), and Jeremy (Claudio Parrone, Jr.).  The four of them start to experience strange happenings.  Both Ranea and Grace believe they may have seen someone… and they are all receiving rude text messages from each other that they all swear they haven’t sent.  With the help of Ranae’s paranormal expert brother, they try to figure out just what lurks in this house and what it is they want-before it’s too late!

Throughout the film, the use of color, especially greens and blues, create a moody atmosphere that breeds terror.  It reminds me of Argento and his use of red and blue, but without the gore. The film’s soundtrack adds to this general feeling of uneasiness and spookiness.  As the movie progresses and characters move throughout the house, the audience gets a feeling of disorientation- you wonder how big the house is, which room is where, what’s around the corner? This was a great way to convey the feeling of being somewhere new that you aren’t sure of… then with added horror of some weird ghost trying to fuck with you and your friends!

The plot is gripping and keeps you guessing until the final shots!  It clocks in at 87 minutes, which in my opinion, is the perfect length for any feature-film. Fans of both 80s slasher flicks and of 70s haunted house movies will find something to love about THE NURSERY.  Turn the lights down low for this one!  Check it out today on-demand, or pick it up on DVD when it comes out on August 7, 2018. Visit for more details!



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