Hammer’s House of Horror Part II: The Decadent Years Comes To The Quad

This week, The Qaud unleashes the second part of its Hammer Horror festival. 20 classic hammer that delves into the studios more edgy content. Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde and the Karstein trilogy will be on hand along with 2K restorations of other classics featuring both Frankenstein and Dracula! Read on for the details of this incredible line up…

July 20 – August 2

The Quad bares it all with Part II of our extensive Hammer Films retrospective featuring 25 titles from the studio’s libidinous and gloriously gory go-go years

With 20 films on 35mm plus four U.S. premieres of new digital restorations. Highlights include: Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde, Lust for a Vampire, Dracula A.D. 1972, Hands of the Ripper, and more!

Part two of our Hammer retrospective finds the studio reaching its zenith: by the late 1960s, modern cinema had caught up with its lurid envelope-pushing blood and guts, and so Hammer took advantage of loosening censorship to forge ahead into the realm of “erotic horror”: the sexual undertow that had hitherto been glimpsed in its films was now literally bared, titillating anew the generation that came of age during the Swinging Sixties. Other genres were explored, and sometimes cross-bred in experiments that recalled those in the studio’s durable Frankenstein series. The famous monsters that Hammer had successfully reanimated were updated and upgraded, while women were given more agency to dominate horror mythos—and to flout some taboos. But the studio’s “disreputable” and unarguably cut-price offerings were to be outflanked and outdone by films like The Exorcist, which signalled the mainstreaming of horror. Hammer unleashed one final salvo in 1976 before retreating into the crypt, emerging later only to tell television tales of terror. After long haunting and inspiring fans and filmmakers, Hammer has begun making movies again in this decade; there may yet be a full-blooded resurrection at hand. Until then, we present glories from the gory go-go years.

The Complete List

Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb

Seth Holt, 1971, UK, 94m, DCP

U.S. premiere of 2k restoration

Countess Dracula

Peter Sasdy, 1971, UK, 93m, 35mm

Creatures the World Forgot

Don Chaffey, 1971, UK, 92m, 35mm


Alan Gibson, 1970, UK, 83m, 35mm

Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde

Roy Ward Baker, 1971, UK, 97m, DCP

Dracula A.D. 1972

Alan Gibson, 1972, UK, 96m, 35mm

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave

Freddie Francis, 1968, UK, 92m, 35mm

Fear in the Night

Jimmy Sangster, 1972, UK, 94m, 35mm

Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

Terence Fisher, 1974, UK, 99m, 35mm (original UK version)

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Terence Fisher, 1969, UK, 101m, 35mm

Hands of the Ripper

Peter Sasdy, 1971, UK, 85m, 35mm

The Horror of Frankenstein

Jimmy Sangster, 1970, UK, 95m, DCP

U.S. premiere of 2k restoration

The Lost Continent

Michael Carreras, 1968, UK, 97m, 16mm

Lust for a Vampire

Jimmy Sangster, 1971, UK, 95m, 35mm (original UK version)

Moon Zero Two

Roy Ward Baker, 1969, UK, 100m, 35mm

The Satanic Rites of Dracula (aka Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride)

Alan Gibson, 1973, UK, 87m, 35mm

Scars of Dracula

Roy Ward Baker, 1970, UK, 96m, DCP

U.S. premiere of 2k restoration

Shatter (aka Call Him Mr. Shatter)

Michael Carreras, 1974, Hong Kong/UK, 90m, 35mm

Straight on Till Morning

Peter Collinson, 1972, UK, 96m, 35mm

Taste the Blood of Dracula

Peter Sasdy, 1970, UK, 95m, 35 mm (original UK version)

To the Devil… A Daughter

Peter Sykes, 1976, UK/West Germany, 95m, DCP

U.S. premiere of 2k restoration

Twins of Evil

John Hough, 1971, UK, 87m, 35mm

Vampire Circus

Robert Young, 1972, UK, 87m, 35mm

The Vampire Lovers

Roy Ward Baker, 1970, UK/U.S., 91m, 35mm

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Val Guest, 1970, UK, 96m, 35mm

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