Review: Darkness Reigns (2018)

A crowded theater is about to premiere for the first time Daniel´s Whitaker master piece. Working behind the scenes of the film “Defanatus soul”, he accidentally creates a blood-stained documentary that will give him endless and infamous fame.

What better place to shoot a horror movie than an abandoned haunted hotel? Well, just about anywhere else it turns out.

The cast and crew are taken to the location in Missouri. When everything seems to march according to plan, a dark presence lurks inside the empty rooms, silently running through the corridors, waiting for its prey. The darkness has no form, and it’s going against those who had the nerve to disturbed its solitude. This wicked spirit had been starving for a long time and it won´t miss his opportunity to feed.

Daniel holds his camera and records each one of the unfortunate events, his eyes witness the horror and the pain, he smells the burning flesh, and fights the demonic presence in desperation. There are two things that become important for him; one is surviving and the other is not to become an instrument of Satan.

The gloomy atmosphere, the setting, the doors locking showing no escape for the characters. All of this reminds the viewer of the classic horror film “The shining”, and not to mention the shocking special effects, and the remarkable makeup work.

Written and directed by Andrew P. Jones and starring Casper Van Dien, Zachary Mooren (“Aquarius”), Linara Washington (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and Jennifer Wenger (Tales of Halloween), Darkness Reigns is coming this July and you don´t want to miss it!

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