Review: Cartel 2045 Is Worth Joining!

How to make a sci-fi film work? First of all, we need special effects that don´t let the viewer take their eyes off the screen, second, we need scientists, wise guys, on third place we need robots, all the robots we can get. The list of items goes on and on, and Cartel 2045 has it all. Deadly villains, brave heroes, super powerful machines, weapons of mass destruction, and everything you are hoping to see when you choose to watch a science fiction movie.

The year is 2045, Gear Side International, a robotics engineering company, sells off their technology to the Cartel on the black market. Engineer Estevan Flores is now working for the bad guys, who are keeping him captive with the single propose of using his knowledge to build killing machines. He has no other choice but to cooperate with them, if he wants to see his daughter alive.

Leading the gang that terrorizes Mexico, Angel Malvado, (Evil angel, as his name prays), rules the streets with iron fist, literally speaking. Making Flores create droids, that only respond to his commands.

Military forces, with help of an ex-marine working on his last mission, need to put an end to the chaos before the cartel takes over. Fighting against these indestructible and emotionless creatures won´t be an easy job, and many will fall as they try to accomplish their mission.

With the well-known villian Danny Trejo (Machete, The Devil’s Rejects) as Angel Malvado, the merciless criminal, showing his devotion for La Santa muerte, and letting us know, blood is thicker than water, and so are his roots. Starring Alexander P. Heartman (‘’Power Rangers Samurai”), Brad Schmidt (“House of Lies”), and Blake Webb (“Colony”).

Directed by Chris Le, Cartel 2045, comes out as the perfect sci-fi film, with impressive special effects, gun fights and fist fights, priceless confrontations between machines and humans, showing a dark and bloody future for society.

The earth is doomed and you will witness its destruction, on VOD this may!

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