EXCLUSIVE Check Out The Art For The Collectors Edition Anarchy Parlor Bluray

If you are a fan of the Gage/ Downs horror debut Anarchy Parlor, get ready to get some more ink because it’s back in an all new edition from 88 Films in Germany! They love the crazy stuff as you know and they have pulled out all the stops for an all new edition including amazing new art. Check it out below…

The German title is Killer Ink and here is a breakdown of what comes on it:

Bonus Features Include:

Alternate/Deleted Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Moviecops Interview with Robert LaSardo*

Visual Effects Demo

Q+A Screamfest Premiere*


*(not included in the US release)


Exclusive 44-page booklet inside featuring interviews with Devon Downs and Kenny Gage (English), Robert LaSardo (German) and Tiffany DeMarco (English), biographies of the main stars (English), artwork designs and many exclusive behind-the-scenes stills.

You can order the Bluray Below!


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