Review: BAD APPLES Is Nothing But Goodness

“one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch”


Halloween night, Ella and Robert are new in town, one after another their neighbors introduce themselves, in a very peculiar way.

When you have lived in a town for a long time, you know each one of the people living there, their movements, their fetishes, you learn to stay away from the bad apples, and it´s your chore as a good Samaritan to warn the newbies and keep them safe.

Halloween night gives freedom, hiding behind inexpressible, apathetic masks, two rebellious teenagers, find the perfect moment to begin a slaughter in this little and peaceful town, without being noticed.

With their masks on, always on, the evil girls start knocking on random doors and make the obvious question, TRICK OR TREAT?  it will take a few minutes until the local pedophile or the trailer trash hooker, both regret they answered the door, and if you decide not to do it, you will probably regret it too… once they put an eye on you, you are not safe anymore.

Like flies they fall down, some of them shoot, some of them slashed with their own kitchen knives. The playful killers, are a perfect mess between innocence and deadliness. Their childish voices, their silly laughter… that must be the only thing that remains from childhood inside these wicked girls.

Ella is home alone, while Robert works at the local hospital, it seems perfectly normal to be scared on this special night, but in the emptiness of her home, she has no idea the hell that is about to begin.

From the beginning, we get to know that violence is not something new in this neighborhood, murder, rape and suicide, are not isolated events. The film starts with a pregnant woman being murdered and her killer committing suicide minutes after the crime.

Directed and written by Brian Coyne, staring: Brea Grant as Ella, Graham Skipper as Robert, her beloved husband, Andrea Collins and Richard Riehleand the faceless twisted masked girls, Alicia Lourim and Heather Vaughn.

The film is coming this February, for horror fans Halloween is the whole year, and I can assure you one thing:

5 minutes into bad apples and you will be absolutely hooked!

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