Jennica Gazes Into The Mind’s Eye

Zach Connors and Rachel Meadows possess the innate power of psychokinesis, the ability to move objects as well as people with their minds. Eager to adopt this natural talent, demented Dr. Michael Slovak holds the two masterminds captive in order to study them and acquire the essence of their powers. When Zach and Rachel make a run for it, Dr. Slovak is ready to raise hell to find them and drain them of their abilities for his own personal gain.

the-minds-eyeThe second feature film directed by Joe Begos (Almost Human), The Mind’s Eye brings in a cast of golden indie horror actors. John Speradakos (The House of the Devil, Darling) plays Dr. Michael Slovak, Lauren Ashley Carter (Jug Face, Darling) plays Rachel Meadows, Graham Skipper (Carnage Park, Almost Human) plays Zach Connors, and Larry Fessenden (Late Phases, Carnage Park) plays Zach’s father. What you may notice is that each star has experience with one or more fellow cast members, as if Begos concocted the perfect formula for personal chemistry on set. Unfortunately, not a single one of these indie veterans brought their A-game to The Mind’s Eye.

mindseyerevOverall, the dialogue was delivered with visible discomfort throughout the film, appearing underrehearsed and full of unbearable silences between lines. Perhaps it is difficult to carry on a conversation with the power of psychokinesis weighing down your head. Of course, sometimes an actor is only as great as the script that they are given. With a simplistic plot, underdeveloped characters, and an underwhelming finale, the one thing that The Mind’s Eye can’t move is an audience.

screenAside from a story without a point and characters without known motives, the saving grace and driving force of the film was by far the sound score. Music composer Steve Moore’s eerie and suspenseful scores are obviously derived from the grand maestro John Carpenter. The sounds creating continuity in The Mind’s Eye are strongly reminiscent of Halloween III: Season of the Witch, John Carpenter’s The Thing, and even Escape From New York as it will keep your heart pounding away in sync.

If you are curious to peer into The Mind’s Eye, it is available now on VOD and Tuesday on Blu-ray, DVD.

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