REVIEW: ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 2 Premiere Is Better Than Most Films

ASH VS EVIL DEAD is the answer to horror fans dreams being the first 80’s classic to become a series and with its original team no less. After a fantastic first season that ended back at that “cozy little cabin”, the big question was how would the show branch off from there. All I can say is that ASH VS EVIL DEAD season 2 is the sequel we’ve wanted to see ALL these years.

ashAsh, Pablo, and Kelly are living it up in Jacksonville, Florida, well at least Ash is. Feeling that he is free after placing Ruby (Lucy Lawless) in charge, he is cutting loose and letting his freak flag fly higher than ever. The problem is that Ruby’s creepy Silent Hill crack babies have turned on her and the deadites have been set free. Looks like Ash’s little vacation is over. When one of the deadites calls him “Ashy Slashy”, Ash thinks it’s time for a trip home. He figures that the answers lie there but soon realizes that the demons he fights aren’t the only ones resurfacing.

ash-vs-evil-deadSeason two takes us back (for the first time) to the small Michigan town where Ash and his friends were from. We get to finally witness the aftermath of that trip, though it’s been 30 years, wounds are still open. Ash has a reputation and its both exactly what you think and not what you’d expect.

ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 2 will starts with a bang and keeps going. The outside street are the best because it looks and feels like Michigan and the world we only briefly glimpsed in video games and comics.

xcAs usual, Bruce Campbell brings his A game to the party, making Ash that lovable asshole. But the great thing is that there is more depth to him than ever before. We see a man that has reservations about going home and how he is remembered. He is still the same Ash but with vulnerabilities we haven’t seen.

nmageAnother thing that makes Evil Dead what it is are the action choices that Sam Raimi made. The premiere has a fantastic fight scene where things like the jumping chainsaw connect, the belt whip and epic fails all come into play. Part of what makes this show work is that it not only captures the style of the characters but the technical aspects as well.

There is a lot of horror on TV these days but few capture what is really missing from the genre. ASH VS EVIL DEAD is one of the good ones and the season 2 premiere is as good as any of the films!

ASH VS EVIL DEAD returns October 2nd on STARZ

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