REVIEW: FEED ME Is Wickedly Delicious

Armin Meiwes was a cannibal , who in 2002, was arrested after killing and eating a voluntary victim he met online. This is the genesis of the film FEED ME, a wicked 2022 horror film from directors Adam Leader and Richard Oakes.

Jed Freeman wants to die following the sudden death of his wife. His wife, Olivia (Samantha Loxley) Feeling that it’s his fault, he wants to die horribly. Good thing he ran into Lionel Flack (Neal Ward). Lionel is deranged, to say the least and has specific desires. Desires that he turns into designs for Jed. By the time they are done, Lionel convinces Jed that his path to death lies in being eaten alive.

At first Jed is all for it, but in theory it must have sounded cathartic. In practice, as body parts are cut off , cooked and consumed, Jed begins to have second thoughts on his decision.

FEED ME is unlike any other film out there. Think of it as a party time counterpart to 2006’s Grimm Love. Is it funny? Yes. But in that welcome needed way because the sheer idea is intense.

The film works because the dread builds regardless of the fact that you are laughing at the antics of Lionel.

The film is out now and trust me, there is a lack of worth watching horror in the world currently. This film stands out!

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