My Best-friend’s exorcism is one of the best coming of age stories I have seen in a long time. Captivating the viewers attention right off the bat with the classic song, “take on me” by the band Aha, the audience is pulled into a nostalgic setting of rotary phones, lots of hairspray and a misfits group of friends. There’s the Cheerleader and boy expert, Margaret.. played by Rachel Ogechi Kanu The films bubbly feminist, Glee; played by Cathy Ang and the two best friends Gretchen and Abby played by Amiah Miller and Elsie Fisher.

The movie navigates us through the hottest teen trends of the time by taking us along to a weekend cabin where there’s LSD, uninvited boys and of course.. a harrowing tale of a missing girl all with a brief nod to Patty Hearst. It wouldn’t be relatable nostalgia film without the intertwining themes of catholic school girls and the need to gamble with a Ouija board. A particular scene sets a good pace for the viewers for the horrors to come as Michael Jackson’s “somebody’s watching me” plays lowly in the background.

Life as a teenager is hard enough, a perfect display by Amiah and Rachel’s characters; Abby and Margaret who show reoccurring themes of self esteem and body issues. This being an epidemic that has lived with many young women for several generations, how could their lives get worse? You probably shouldn’t have asked! Exploring an abandoned building that’s backstory includes the devil is never a good idea but for the dynamic duo of Abby and Gretchen that’s exactly what happened. The film follows along the progress of the possession mentioning classic themes such as self harm, “gnarly” appearance and isolation. Give it a watch and see how having one true friend can quite literally save you from hell it’s self.

– Gracie H.

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