Review: DUAL (2022)

With the right to life such a topic these days, and everything seeming to need its feelings protected, where would a lone stand.? I believe it would have the same rights as anything else. That is the world of DUAL (2022)

Sarah (Karen Gillan) is an anxious woman. She seems to desire to be more but is basically a wallflower.  She is so devoid of action that when she wakes up covered in blood, she just goes and showers, no reaction whatsoever. It turns out that Sarah is terminal. Learning this spurns Sarah into a cloning procedure, so that her boyfriend Peter (Beulah Koale) and her mother (Maija Paunio) won’t have to feel the loss. It is a selfless act and as sometimes seems the case, the act has repercussions.

Her clone is everything she wants to be. More aggressive, more sexual, more likeable of every quality. She is such a “better” version of her that during the learning process, where the clone spends time with its original, that her people push her to the side in favor of her new, better, double.

Sarah is accepting of this, but when she miraculously recovers from her illness, she is faced with a new problem. What about the clone? Everyone likes her. Maybe this is what’s best. There is a real struggle there and it is interesting to see. Eventually, she decides she wants to live, which means a mandated trail by combat.

Sarah meets up with Trent (Aaron Paul), a trainer that will teach her to survive the battle. They are great together and I wish there was more of that.

DUAL is a solid piece of entertainment, that has some surprises despite the straightforward plot. Because as we have learned in the past couple of years, life is filled with twist and turns.

DUAL is available Tuesday July 19th.

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