OVERLORD Brings Nazi Monster Horror Back In An Excellent Way

Overlord is a horror/thriller directed by Julius Avery and is Produced by J.J Abrams. The movie stars a squad of soldiers who need to infiltrate a Nazi base to get troops into Europe but when landed come across horrifying experiments that the Nazi troops have been putting the villagers through.
The main solider we follow is Boyce who is played by Jovan Adepo the punching bag of the squadron because he did not kill a mouse. Also in the squad we have a loud mouth Tibbet (John Magaro) the badass Corporal Ford(Wyatt Russell) the love interest Chloe (Mathilde Ollivier) and the evil antagonist Wafner (Pilou Abaek) a Nazi general who is in charge of the experiments that go on in Fortified Church. When we meet Boyce it’s the brink of D Day as the fighter jet he is in gets shot down.
When shot down and the squadron makes it across a minefield they end up in the house of Chloe and her little brother where they find out that Chloe is being forced into sex with Wafner and if she refuses they will take his little brother to be tested on. Eventually they knock out Wafner and hold him hostage trying to find away into the church. Eventually Boyce finds a way into the church and discovers the experiments and makes it back with a syringe. They threatened to use it on the general but the general makes it out taking Chloe’s brother and using the syringe on one of the soldiers causing him to become one of the super soldiers undead nightmares.
They unfortunately have to kill the solider and have to go blow up the church but Boyce won’t let that happen without saving Chloe’s brother which leads to a climatic battle where Boyce , Ford , and Chloe infiltrate the church to save the brother and take down Wafner who is using the serum on himself becoming hell on earth and all powerful. Ford decides to take on Wafner as Boyce plants the bombs and Chloe and her brother run out and away from one of the tests.
The movie ends like a feel good war movie where the troops win but also has a touch of eerie knowing that their could be more tests leading to a sequel. Overlord is the ultimate horror popcorn flick that is action packed but has minor problems and plot holes. This movie is for a fun time and is a fun time and will not leave you unsatisfied.
There was a time when Nazi horror was a prevalent sub genre back in the 70’s. Shockwaves, Zombie Lake, etc. This isn’t a throwback to that style but I’m glad we have some Nazi monsters to kill again. It’s a solid story that plays as a straight war film for a good chunk of it and that makes the horror even more surprising. This film is an adrenaline fueled action packed nightmare. OWN IT!

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