Review: The Forest of the Lost Souls (2018)

“The thought of suicide was a great comfort, a haven by which one could survive bad nights”, with this quote, written once by a smartass called Friedrich Nietzche, The forest of the lost souls submerges the viewer in a swamp of endless sadness.

Completely recorded in black and white, the film takes us to a mysterious forest where people go to greet death, and say goodbye to the world of living, dead corpses become one with nature and give the place a halo of despair.

Carolina and Ricardo are two complete strangers until they meet there, both of them seeking relief. The young woman and the old man walk together the forest, finding suicidal memories on every corner, remains of people who didn’t want to exist anymore.

During this expedition one of them will show their real reason to be in the forest. What at first looked like compassion, will turn into a sadistic and psychotic mind game… Once madness starts, there won´t be turning back, and it will be too late for one of the two characters.

The film becomes shockingly violent, with a twist that horror lovers will certainly adore. The images of the dismal forest create a perfect atmosphere to trap the audience. I can absolutely imagine myself walking through this forest, while finding suicidal notes, lost objects, diseased bodies, and wondering what the story behind of them could be, sounds like a charming afternoon!

The forest of the lost souls was directed by José Pedro Lopes, starring the charming and deadly Dana Love as Carolina, and Jorge Mota as Ricardo. If you like to explore beyond the limits of the mind, I offer you to take a look at this film and get lost into these woods.

The film opened theatrically August 3 in L.A and other cities, and you can now enjoy these 71 minutes of horror that came straight from Portugal to shock the entire world.

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