Retro-Review: Husk (2011) – Killer scarecrows are coming for you!

“There’s something in the corn”. Not many scarecrows are more frightening than the scarecrow the band Samhain used on the cover of their album entitled November-Coming-Fire but picture this… unnaturally fast scarecrows wearing creepy masks, chasing you through a lonely cornfield in the middle of nowhere… This is what Husk gives us.

Everyone knows that seeing a crow is a bad omen, right? The first shot in the movie Husk is of a single crow sitting on a sign along a desolate road. We know right away that this isn’t going to be a fun time for the characters in the movie. As they are driving down this road in the middle of nowhere, we learn that they are a group of friends (two are a couple) getting away for the weekend together. But we don’t learn too much more about them before the action in Husk takes off.

The car they are driving in is suddenly hit by a murder of crows. It’s a grisly scene as the crows dive-bomb the windshield and ultimately run the car off the road into a ditch. The ditch runs alongside a cornfield and if we’ve learned anything from horror movies then we’ve learned to never trespass into cornfields! The friends have no other option since they have no cell phone reception, their car won’t start, and their friend Johnny is missing from the crash. A house is spotted in the middle of the cornfield so they decide to split up while two of them, Brian and Scott, head off to investigate the creepy, old house in the distance.

While Natalie and Chris wait anxiously by the car, Natalie spots a boy watching them from the cornfield. He quickly takes off and her attention is brought to a scarecrow laying on the ground. This doesn’t seem to be a normal scarecrow – this one smells and has flies buzzing around. This can’t be good!

Meanwhile, Brian and Scott explore the old house that appears abandoned. They will soon discover their friend Johnny sewing in the corner of a little room on the second floor. Johnny no longer inhabits his, now mutilated, body though and is sewing a delightfully creepy scarecrow mask for himself. Yeah, stepping into that cornfield probably wasn’t a good idea!

As Husk continues, you’ll be treated to some scenes that will make you cringe. For example, a few scenes where nails are being hammered through each finger; which was a nice, sinister detail that I thought was pretty clever. I don’t know about you but I usually enjoy horror movies with faceless, masked villains, demons, etc. The scarecrow masks immediately reminded me of the masks in The Orphanage (2007) and Trick ‘r Treat (2007). They were not the sweet, family friendly scarecrows you see driving through farmlands!

Husk stars Devon Graye, CJ Thomason, Tammin Sursok and Ben Easter. It was written and directed by Brett Simmons and released as a part of the After Dark Films series. Overall, this was an entertaining, supernatural horror movie. I thought I knew what was going to happen going into Husk but I was wrong. Grab the popcorn!


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