Gloria Has Her Eye On The Gracefield Incident

“Do you have to film everything?”

Yes! we are back in the realm of found-footage films! This first person point of view style(also knows as POV shot) is probably one of my favorite filming styles. You can really get a good perspective of what the character is looking at, makes you feel a little more engaged in the film. So first person point of view plus some “not of this world” beings with a side of sci-fi thrilling horror is what makes The Gracefield Incident film a must see!

This film starts with a heartbreaking opening scene, a young couple driving on their way to find out the sex of their baby unexpectedly find themselves in a real bad car accident. Next scene which  opens with 10 months later you see main character Matthew Donovan (Mathieu Ratthe) wearing an eye patch and working on a fake eye. In his fake eye he embeds an iPhone camera to document his  exiting weekend getaway trip with his wife Jessica (Kimberly Lafferriere) and friends. Their destination, Gracefield located five hours away from the city, they will be staying at Matthew’s boss cabin in the wood, surrounded by beautiful forest and a lake. A few friends in this beautiful cabin, drinking, playing games, sharing stories witness what seems to be a meteorite falling out of the sky. Matthew and friend Jonathan (Victor Andres Turgeon-trelles) go on search for this meteorite only to invite unwanted guests to crash their party.

Director and Writer Mathieu Ratthe is mostly known for his short films Pretty Wicked (2011) The Talisman (2008) from the Stephen King and Peter Straub Novel and Lovefield (2008). So one would say The Gracefield Incident is probably his first horror movie debut and he did not hold back, this sci-fi thriller will make you think are we really alone in this world?

-Gloria Skulls

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