Review: Gloria Enters The KILLING GROUND

Some men hunt game, some men hunt humans…

Have you ever been camping and you feel like some one is always watching your every move? Well maybe some one is! “Killing Ground” is an Australian horror thriller about a couple who decides they are going on a camping trip for New Years Eve in the outbacks of Australia. Wait, but why would anyone go camping on New Years Eve? I have no idea. Maybe to get away from all the loud parties and the obnoxious drunks. A young couple Margaret (Maya Stange) and Ian (Ian Meadows) decided just that, they are going to get away and spend the Holiday in a secluded camping ground by a nice little river.

On the way to their destination they make a pit stop at a bar to grab wine. Margaret goes inside to get the wine while Ian waits for her outside looking at a map, that is where Ian meets a friendly stranger, German (Aaron Pedersen) who helps him find his way on the map. Little did Ian know German will cross paths with him again.

Director Damien Power also known for “Peekaboo” (2011) and “Boot” (2012) did an astonishing job on this film. The way he managed to tell two different stories in the same location, but in different time lines, without making it confusing was phenomenal.  At first I have to say it did take me a minute to realize what was going on but after I caught on it was just thrills. I also liked that Ian was not made to be the typical heroic male role that I was expecting, instead he was more cowardly and more scared than his female protagonist. Margaret was more of a bad-ass in my opinion, she never gave up and she fought for survival.

This was an enjoyable film, I would watch it again. Makes you rethink about heading out to the woods by yourself, who knows there might be some weird, creepy maniacs out there watching you, following your every move, waiting to creep up on you when you least expect it.

-Gloria Skulls

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