BLACK SAILS Will Leave Its Mark In Blood

This Sunday marks the beginning of the end for televisions best show, STARZ BLACK SAILS. The show, which changed the way we look at pirates and the line between right and wrong will sail into a very red sea one final time. What can we expect from this season? To quote Glenn Danzig, blood and tears.

What started out as a prequel to Treasure Island turned into a binge worthy decent into the cost of freedom, leadership, power, and of course, wealth. As each season explored its characters, it was easy to see a part of yourself in them and their desires. Flint’s drive for revenge against the country that has taken everything from him. Rackham’s refusal to surrender his name to the very people who destroyed his father and his life. And John Silver, who has found a cause greater than himself and wants to destroy England for the good of everyone.

Though I won’t get into details yet, I can promise that the first few episodes will deliver on the promise that you have never see anything like this before! There is cinematic action from the word go this season that rivals anything put on film before. The stakes are higher so the deaths are bloodier and lives will be forever changed or ended.

Relationships play a serious part this season and some will go places that you didn’t expect…with consequences. In short, after BLACK SAILS, you will never see pirates the same way again. BLACK SAILS will leave its mark in blood on your heart and soul. It will go down as the show that showed piracy for what it was, not what we want our kids to see. It has defied expectations time and again so all I will say in regards to the season premiere is BE PREPARED. If the final confrontation between Eleanor and Vane left you a mess, stock up on the rum now, the final season of BLACK SAILS will OWN you. Ye be warned.

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