Interview: Jason Blum Talks HELLEVATOR Season 2

During Hellevator season 2’s production, I found myself wandering the corridors of the abandoned slaughterhouse just trying not to die. It’s an intense place to visit where even though it is a show, you wouldn’t want to spend the night there. Luckily, I ran into Hellevator producer and horror icon Jason Blum, who was happy to make sure I stayed in one piece. Since we had some time in between bloody shenanigans, we had a chat about Hellevator Season 2…

Sinful Celluloid: What was your goal with season 2?

Jason Blum: Make it scarier! Everybody always wants it scarier for god’s sake. We’re making it scarier. That was our goal. We’ll let the audience decide if we achieved our goal, but that was our goal…make it scarier.

SC – Having explored the world of live haunts in the past few years. Did that lead into the idea of doing a show?

JB – The initial idea came from Matador, the other production company. They had the title and I loved it. But yes it did. When they pitched it to us. I think one of the reasons we had sparked to it was all the time we’d spent on live events. One of the reasons I feel that the partnership has worked out well is because we brought that experience to the joint venture here which is Hellevator.

SC – Now how did Jen and Sylvia Soska come on board?

JB – We had admired each other on twitter or some social media and we had tried to get together on a few projects but nothing. This was the first thing that took. So we knew of each other and always wanted to figure out something to do together and this took.

SC – How do you and them work together as far as creating the challenges?

JB – They create some, we create some, Matador creates some. We take the best ideas from everywhere. The goal is to do the best we can… and make it scarier.

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