Fan of THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL and  REPO have been waiting for a new experience from Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman. Well its time. The AMERICAN MURDER SONG is hitting the road and it’s for a wake.

Cult film composers Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman are no strangers to creating interactive fan events. With their movies, they pioneered a punk rock approach to storytelling and distribution, touring their musical films like rock concerts and cultivating a die-hard fanbase in the process. 2008’s REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA is still a proud home to shadowcasters and midnight moviegoers worldwide, and with the successful touring event screenings of THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL in 2012 and ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL in 2015, Terrance and Saar cemented their legacy as masters of interactive music-making. The duo is back with a new project, AMERICAN MURDER SONG, and they’re inviting fans to join them for a live, musical wake.

Starting October 6th, Terrance and Saar are taking to the road in a makeshift casket carriage to embark on THE AMERICAN WAKE TOUR, a 30-city expedition with their latest work. They’re calling on fans to wear their blackest veils and prepare their darkest hearts for an intimate gathering of fine spirits, live music, and grave entertainment. It’s not a funeral, it’s a wake.

On tour, Terrance and Saar will welcome audiences back in time to The Year Without A Summer, conjuring the ghosts and bloody crimes of 1816 America, singing tales of untimely death… and murder. Each “service” will be up-close-and-personal, with limited coffin room available, so Terrance and Saar urge fans to reserve their space at the wake today:

As a bonus, all tickets purchased for THE AMERICAN WAKE TOUR include a download of AMERICAN MURDER SONG‘s third extended pay album, III. THE RECKONING. V.I.P. (Very Important Parishioner) tickets, meet ‘n’ greet opportunities with Terrance and Saar, and private body viewings are also available with select ticketing packages to the wake.


10/6 – Las Vegas, NV

10/7 – Phoenix, AZ

10/8 – Tucson, AX

10/9 – El Paso, TX

10/10 – Albuquerque, NM

10/12 – Kansas City, MO

10/13 – Des Moines, IA

10/14 – Minneapolis, MN

10/15 – Chicago, IL

10/16 – Detroit, MI

10/17 – Indianapolis, IN

10/19 – Columbus, OH

10/20 – Cleveland, OH

10/21 – Pittsburgh, PA

10/22 – Philadelphia, PA

10/23 – Providence, RI

10/24 – New York, NY

10/26 – Baltimore, MD

10/27 – Richmond, VA

10/28 – Charlotte, NC

10/29 – Atlanta, GA

10/30 – Jacksonville, FL

10/31 – Tampa, FL

11/2 – New Orleans, LA

11/3 – Houston, TX

11/4 – Austin, TX

11/5 – Dallas, TX

11/6 – Oklahoma City, OK

11/8 – Denver, CO

11/12 – Los Angeles, CA

AMERICAN MURDER SONG‘s first two EPs, I. DAWN and II. PROVIDENCE, produced by Scotty Morris of BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY, are available now on digital outlets. To order AMERICAN MURDER SONG‘s music, visit

In addition to music and touring, new videos are released every Tuesday on AMERICAN MURDER SONG‘s official YouTube Channel:

Featured alongside Terrance and Saar in AMERICAN MURDER SONG‘s music videos are Sara “Chibi” Taylor, lead singer of the beloved gothic rock band THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, gothic personality Aurelio Voltaire, Alissa White-Gluz, frontwoman for the Swedish death metal act ARCH ENEMY, alternative model Ulorin Vex, Curtis Rx of the horror band CREATURE FEATURE, Morgue, star of AMC’s FREAKSHOW, noir cabaret scenester Toledo Diamond, and Scotty Morris.AMERICAN MURDER SONG‘s videos are directed by Jake Akuna with stop-motion animation by Harry Chaskin.

For weekly updates, videos, music and old fashioned bloodshed, Follow The Mark at AMERICAN MURDER SONG‘s official site (

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