‘Wolf House’ Sinks Its Teeth Into DVD!

If  you are into terror and supernatural werewolves, we have the perfect flick for you! Wild Eye Releasing has announced the January 17 nationwide DVD release of Wolf House. Directed by Matt D. Lord, Wolf House was scripted by Ken Consentino and Elizabeth Houlihans and stars Consetino along with Jessica Bell and Marcus Ganci-Rotella. A daring mashup of found footage and monster movies, this gem is currently an exclusive on Walmart Shelves.


Six friends on a camping trip think they have discovered, captured and killed a Sasquatch. But what they have actually unleashed is something more evil, more ancient and more deadly than they could ever imagine – an army of supernatural terrors that will hunt them until none of them remain.

The DVD release of Wolf House (SRP $19.99) exclusively includes a feature-length commentary with Director Matt D. Lord, a behind the scenes documentary, a feature on “Making the Monster” and trailers.


Wolf House can be purchased by clicking here.