HOWL Hits The UK This October

The awesome looking werewolf film, HOWL, is slowly making its way to us. The film, which is basically a werewolf on a train looks like it could be as cool as Horror Express.

The Paul Hyett film will hit UK theaters on October 16th and home video on October 26th and stars Neil Marshall alums Shauna Macdonald and Sean Pertwee

In HOWL – “Young ambitious ticket collector Joe is overseeing the last train out of London on a dark and stormy night – the usual collection of passengers on board from the obnoxious teen to the workaholic businesswoman. Suddenly the train screeches to a halt in a forest after hitting something on the tracks, but the investigating driver never returns.

Realising an unknown and dangerous threat is lurking in the woods the disparate group of strangers must work together in order to survive a common feral enemy.“