Have you heard whispers of THE TENSION EXPERIENCE? It’s a fully immersive experience that invades every part of your life. The first part of the game has been running for some time but things are about to get even more terrifying. Are you ready for ascension? The first few days of this experience have sold out but there are still tickets available. You need to get in on this one if you are truly looking for something scary in your life. Tickets can be purchased at

The Story:

THE TENSION EXPERIENCE: ASCENSION is a fully immersive, site specific-journey of trust, betrayal and submission.

We invite you to enter the doors of the O.O.A. Institute, a mysterious organization that promises enlightenment, but at what cost? Nothing is quite what it seems and something sinister lurks behind every welcoming smile.

Participants deemed worthy enough to be permitted inside will discover fervent disciples, tasks that probe and chronicle the darkest recesses of their mind, and, sometimes, unexplainable terror.

Individual decisions will reveal whether this is a true path to enlightenment or merely an elaborate trap set by a dangerous cult.

Ascension is more than immersive theatre, more than a haunted house, and more than anything you could possibly imagine.  It is a journey into darkness with the possibility of being reborn in the light.

You will be processed, tried and tested. But only if you succeed, may you find…


The Tension Experience: Ascension is –

– An indoor, interactive experience covering an entire city block that will last over two hours.

– Part haunt, part theatre, part escape room and a completely new, living, breathing… alternate reality.

– Completely immersive.  Everything and everyone is there to be interacted with.

– An entity designed to let the audience mold and shape the mysterious and terrifying narrative through their own actions and decisions.

The world that is created for each participant begins the second they purchase a ticket.  For six months, the creators of Tension Experience have been honing their skills in a free online “Prologue” called INDOCTRINATION ( that has left players and critics in awe.  Participants have found themselves emotionally invested, and have been left shaken, confused and disturbed, as they have been constantly pulled into the world through phone calls, texts, forums, live streaming events and even real world interactions blending the lines of fantasy and reality.  Ticket holders will find that these same techniques will be the terrifying primer weeks before their actual, on-site event.  They won’t be stepping into a one night performance; they will be entering the pulse-pounding climax of their new, terrifying world.