Escape Room Review: THE HEX ROOM

The Hex Room opens today and If you are looking for a unique experience, then this is it. Escape Rooms are all about feeling the fear or horror. It is a way of experiencing a horror film in a safe way. It is also a way of testing your skills under pressure. That being said, THE HEX ROOM is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before. Many escape rooms deal with modern horror but THE HEX ROOM plays more like 80s Horror Movies. You are one of the stereotypes that we are used to in those films, the geek, virgin, jock, rebel, prom queen, or detective.

You are split into different rooms that sit in a hexagon pattern. Each room is reflective of a different stereotype. This is where you are placed. In the center of the Hex Room is the Detective, who must help you figure out clues to help each of you escape. And trust me, escaping is just the beginning. One of the fun thing is that you have costume pieces that may help you in your puzzle solving. Super cool!

I can’t say too much without giving too much away but this has been one of my all time favorite escape room experiences and is by far the most original. Is it hard? Yes. You will have to figure out some abstract puzzles but it is so worth it.

THE HEX ROOM opens today in Anahiem, Ca (Not too far from Disneyland) For more info, including tickets, visit Cross Roads Escape Games Official site. It is the place to be! I hope I see you there.