Editorial: Are We Over Thinking THE GREEN INFERNO?

Have you ever over thought an idea? Taken a thought and pushed it way passed the point of reasonable validation? That thought runs throughout THE GREEN INFERNO and unfortunately, it is also the definition of most of the negative reviews I have read. I’ll explain.

tumblr_n71gaaYjAy1r1gv4lo1_1280 (1)THE GREEN INFERNO centers on Justine (Lorenza Izzo), an ideological freshman who gets sucked into a group of activists trying to save a tribe from extinction due to deforestation. At first, she is intrigued by their leader Alejandro (Ariel Levy) but after being chastised by him, she returns just to be taken seriously. Like any kid, when told she doesn’t understand, she goes out of her way to prove them wrong. This is what gets her in trouble.

The-Green-Inferno-Trailer-1The plan for these activist is to fly out and chain themselves to the trees ahead of the bulldozers. Ummm. OK. It seems to work, but only does so because Justine is thrown under the bus when the militia shows up. Justine’s dad works for the U.N. and that is the reason she was allowed to come. She brings leverage, but nobody mentioned that to her.

the-green-inferno-movie-clip-first-encounterDisillusioned on the flight back, she seems ready to return to civilization when the plane goes down. Dressed in the suits of the company clearing out the area, they are taken hostage by the tribe (in all honesty, the company uniforms may or may not be a factor). The tribe practice cannibalism and guess who is on the menu.

KirbyblissblantonTHE GREEN INFERNO cleverly takes its title from the “found footage” film within a film in Cannibal Holocaust. Right off the bat the film let you know where it is coming from. This is something to keep in mind. As we take a look at a couple of points.

the-green-infernoAs I stated in the beginning. There is a thread of over thinking in the characters actions. It’s simple. All the characters over think their situation and the situation of their destination. It’s not dwelled upon but is simply an aspect of the characters’ nature that one can see if they really divorce themselves from the consequences of the plot.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-21-at-1.21.06-PM-620x400HOWEVER, the negative reviews of THE GREEN INFERNO show that it is being over thought by the majority of the current generation. They are looking for social commentary and solutions to problems. They state that the film raises questions and issues but don’t take a stance. I hate to break it to my colleagues but…IT’S ONLY A MOVIE. Its goal is to shock and disturb us. That is what we are paying our $12.00 for. If I want voiced solutions that will never go into effect, I’ll watch Bill Maher, not a horror film.

green-inferno-1-850x560The Female Genitalia Mutilation angle as well as the deforestation and the tribal lives lost are just plot points to get the story moving. There is NO agenda. There is a history to cannibal culture on film and they all have the same formula. Utterly despicable people go into the jungle and do bad things and get eaten by the indigenous people there. They are never likable, it’s just the style of film it is. If these people were likable, it would be unwatchable. It isn’t a statement on causeheads or the work they do nor is it a statement on the environment or the rights of other cultures.

If there is a problem with the film, it is with the viewer who has become oversensitive and has forgotten that a movie is just a movie. Entertainment that does not owe the world anything except the truth of the artist creating it. It really is that simple. Don’t overthink it.