ZOMBI Hits PS4 and Xbox

One of the huge missteps in gaming over the past couple of years was the WiiU. Nintendo’s new console that it failed to sell to the public. One of the few games that was notable for the system was ZOMBIU, a horror game that was one of the few titles gaining any respect. Well in case you missed the announcement (which was also kind of quiet) ZOMBI (as it is now called) has made the jump to PS4 and Xbox this past Tuesday. It’s available for digital download so scoop it up. You won’t be sorry.

Just to note though, if you own the game on the WiiU, there are some changes made. The Multiplayer Mode and Table Mechanics has been ousted to make room for a graphics upgrade. Why? It’s likely that Nintendo was reluctant to dump more money into a 2 year old game so it became an issue of cost effectiveness. Honestly though, at $19.99, can you complain? Nah. Check out the launch trailer and pick this bad boy up tonight. It’s awesome.