Review: LAKE NOWHERE Is A Good Place To Be

There are so many attempts to relive the early 80’s these days. And while LAKE NOWHERE may feel like one of these, it’s not. Most films fall short in some respect or fall victim to gimmicks that feel like…well… gimmicks. This film feels and looks like 1983 so much more than current nostalgia panderers like the overrated STRANGER THINGS.

LAKE NOWHERE is a typical twenty-somethings in the woods movie. A group of friends drive to a cabin in the woods for a weekend getaway. Right off the bat, one of the guys decides to go swimming in the lake which is unknowingly contaminated. While the others party, they are being watched by someone…or something. There is a great bit of tension here because the group is a likable bunch. When our swimmer Danny (Nathan Andrew Wright) returns, he is sick and pale. Thinking he is just stoned, they all eventually settle in for the night…their last. It seems Danny is infected and has turned into a blood thirsty maniac. Once he starts killing others, they have to flee, and face what ever is waiting outside for them.

LAKE NOWHERE features good performances and a look that is near perfect for the world that they are trying to convey. The kills are bloody and there are instances where its imagery will haunt you. The shower/sex/card-playing montage is particularly effective for example. The film holds its own and sustains wall to wall horror for its entire running time.

In fact, the running time is the one place where the film falters. LAKE NOWHERE clocks in at 50:00 minutes including some great trailers and a beer commercial. It’s too long for a short and too short for a feature. This may be the main reason that the film will be going the self distribution route. The film is available to order HERE. The thing is, it feels complete and you definitely get what you’re looking for. If you want something to kick off a night of frights then this is the film to do so. I look forward to more from this team.