Review: Tricia Gets Ready To HOWL

Hi everyone!  There’s nothing like a good movie with giant beasts ripping their clothes off and showing us their hair bodies.  Werewolf movies are generally my go to movies all year around, but they become more fun to watch around the Halloween time.  This week I had the fortunate assignment to watch a new werewolf movie called Howl.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember me posting the trailer a couple months ago.  Needless to say, I was stoked!

Screen-Shot-2015-04-28-at-11.13.19-AM-620x400Howl is about a group of passengers whose train breaks down in the middle of a cold, dark rainy night.  Realizing they don’t have any signal, the group collectively decides to go out and seek help together.  In the midst of their brilliant idea, a series of aggressive attacks occur as werewolves discover the stranded train.  The group must find a way to survive the night without getting bitten by these frightening creatures.

Howl-Trailer1-665x385I always get excited when a new werewolf movie comes out.  This film was not a disappointment.  The setting was eerie and contained all the elements of a perfect horror movie night.  I like that it didn’t start off extremely preppy.  There was a dark cloud hanging over the setting since the beginning.  The characters were relatable in how they each felt during every scene.  I easily felt myself changing emotions as the movie went on.  Howl is a must for the Halloween time.