What Should Be In Your Man Crates Horror Movie Survival Kit?

Hey sinners! Miranda aka Dolly Hearts here and today we’re gonna talk about stuff men like (No. not that…get our head out of my gutter). We’re gonna talk about Man Crates and just what should be in my lucky man’s if he were going to survive a horror movie.

So for starter, what is Man Crates? First and foremost, Man Crates is your one stop shop for gift buying for men. The idea is to end the problematic mission of buying men gifts. They have packages of all kinds that actually ship in a wooden crate and have to be opened with a crowbar (which is included) !!! How cool is that people?!

So for the Halloween season, Man Crates has asked us what would ideally be in a horror movie survival kit. Well I jumped at the opportunity to help you men out because you know, I’m a giver. So here is what I want my man to have in his horror movie survival kit. Will this be available soon? Some of my list may be a little hard to stuff in a crate but Man Crates pull off some awesome stuff so I wouldn’t be surprised!

What would me in my man’s Man Crate? If he wants to stay my man (while he is still alive) then he is gonna need these essential horror movie survival goodies. Check out my dream crate for my man! Maybe it will be you!

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