Mara Loses Herself In DARK, DEADLY & DREADFUL

Looking to whet your appetite with the scary movie version of a fun size candy bar?  Look no further! No matter what your favorite flavor of terror is, there is something for every horror fan in Fun Size Horror’s short film anthology, DARK, DEADLY & DREADFUL!

Fun Size Horror producers, Mali Elfman, Michael May, and Zeke Pinheiro present 9 different short films from 9 different filmmakers, all around 10 minutes long and spanning all subgenres of horror. From body horror, to supernatural scares, and even true to life terror, almost every aspect of horror is explored.

The films chosen for this anthology were all top submissions and winners of, and it certainly shows.  Each film was a compact little nugget jam-packed with all the terror of a full-length feature.  This anthology might be best viewed in increments because some of them are so intense, you are going to need an intermission!

The anthology starts with a short involving one of the scariest places on the planet- a public restroom! This film will disarm you enough to be able to handle what else is in store for you as you watch each of these selections. One of the stand out shorts in the collection is the hilarious and gory WEEJI, a film where friends are tormented by the horrible grammar and spelling errors of a malevolent ghost!

Though each film is haunting in its own way, the anthology saves the best for last with THE CLEANSING HOUR.  This short tells the story of a sleazy fake reality show gone about exorcisms gone wrong… Very chilling!

Watching DARK, DEADLY & DREADFUL is like having a horror film festival in your own living room! I highly recommend turning the lights down low for this one, and popping a big bowl of popcorn!  My only other advice, without allowing any spoilers, is to maybe wait until around the 5th short to eat your popcorn. That is, unless you have an extremely strong stomach!