Haunt Review: CREEPLA

Haunts are popping up all over these days and that is great but it’s important to be different. To offer something unique that sets you apart. This is something that CREEPLA does very well. Filled with atmosphere and danger, but without the real life-like ordeal that plagues some “extreme haunts”, CREEPLA is an experience that is a shadowy head and shoulders above the rest.

creepla xxxIt’s important not to give away any of the secrets of this haunt so I will tread carefully. You start of in a dark “waiting room”, candle lit and sitting partially under the night sky. Haunting music plays and the combination certainly builds a chilling feeling deep within you. There is a genuine fear that takes over if you give in to the atmosphere. You are not allowed to speak so this certainly helps build up the anticipation.

After a few minutes, a man appeared wearing a very creepy mask like the ones seen in The Purge. He chose one of out group and took her away into the darkness. We waited, even more unsettled than before. Then he reappeared and took the rest of us.

16ed9ab184284eda66a1dba263f61c69We find ourselves in the bedroom of two teenage girls. That alone is kind of weird but what’s even more unsettling is their conversation. They are talking about SLENDER MAN. For those unfamiliar, SLENDER MAN is a really creepy modern urban legend about a faceless man who kills you. The conversation escalates into a dare concerning BLOODY MARY and they leave the room to try it in the bathroom mirror. From there our decent into fear begins.

You are lead into madness where you are not just a spectator, but a participant. You must crawl, run, and hide from the killer at different times. One will whisper in your ear. Things that will give you nightmares that night. These are the terrors of CREEPLA.

 As I stated in the beginning, I can’t really reveal too much or it would ruin the experience. All I will say is that this is a A+ new haunt that delivers on all levels. It terrifies in a more classic way than other new haunts attempting to kick things up. It is a fully immersive haunt that plays on you as much as it preys on you. It will leave a lasting impression but unlike other new haunts, you will want to go back for more. Maybe I’ll see you there.

CREEPLA is open from now until Halloween night. For more information, check out the official site HERE.