[Interview] ‘Camera Obscura’ Star Nadja Bobyleva

The haunting film Camera Obscura is now available on Digital Platforms. The best way to describe this film is Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die meets up with Final Destination, that is actually a compliment! I enjoyed this movie thoroughly it was quite unnerving and entertaining. We here at Sinfulcelluloid recently caught up with Star Nadja Bobyleva. Bobyleva portrays Claire who has a great love for her husband, purchases a vintage camera to help husband Jack get back into the swing of things and hopefully resume his career as a photographer. Much different from shooting dead war men in Iraq, Jack is now taking photos of homes under wife Claire’s business. Unfortunately for Jack the smell of death is just around the corner, his film captures the deaths of many. Is this really happening? Or is this the result of PTSD? Clair’s love and support act as a hinge of support as Jack experiences Camera Obscura.



SYNOPSIS: A veteran war photographer with PTSD sees imminent deaths in his developed photos, questioning his already fragile sanity and putting the lives of those he loves in danger.

Camera Obscura Now Available On VOD / Digital HD


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Nadja Bobyleva (Photo Courtesy Of: IMDb.com).

Interview With Camera Obscura Star Nadja Bobyleva.


Ryan T. Cusick: Hi Nadja, how are you?

Nadja Bobyleva: Hi Ryan, great, how are you?

RTC: I’m doing well, thank you, and I appreciate you speaking with me this morning. Was this your first horror film?

NB: Yes actually, it was. I have never done horror before.

RTC: Is it something that you think you will be doing again in the near future?

NB: Hopefully. Honestly, I really loved it especially all the special effects with blood. I had to get killed seven times that was actually pretty fun. So I would love to continue to do these movies, definitely.  

RTC: How did you get involved with Camera Obscura?

NB: Well, I actually auditioned for a completely different project for the casting director Matthew Lessall which didn’t work out. Once he saw me, he thought of me for this part in Camera Obscura, and a couple of weeks later I got the script. I then had a Skype conference with Aaron [Koontz] about it, we basically met over Skype because he was already in Baton Rouge at the time and they were about to start shooting three days later, so that was pretty funny trying to create a character in two days. It was awesome it was really good pressure. Working under pressure and something great came out, I think. [Laughs]   

RTC: It was a really good film, I was really stoked about it.  

NB: Thank you.

RTC: No problem and I think that everyone else will be too. The thing is the camera is something that we use so much today, especially in the digital world. I think that people are going to be able to relate just because of that, the tangible item.

NB: Oh yeah, totally. Especially if someone has an ill mind a camera that can totally change the vision or how people see the world, so I think in that case we can all relate to that.

RTC: I think that with your husband Jack [from the film] it made it that more real with his condition and kind of blurred the lines of reality, it was quite a ride, I got to admit and I did enjoy it. It is really going to appeal to the horror community; I have a good feeling about it. Do you have anything else you are working on?

NB: Yeah, I am currently in Europe, and I finished a Comedy show for Germany, and I am starting to shoot a psychological thriller show for a network Black Hill in France starting in July, and it is going to be in English. It is called The Show, and this is going to be my next project.

RTC: Very good. Back to your character Claire. How are you and Claire alike?

NB: I think because we had such a short time to prepare I could bring a lot of my personality into Claire. What was really important for me was to bring out the caring and loving side of Claire because in my opinion her agenda is to take care of her husband and support him and I think this is something we share together. I try to be supportive of people that are close to me, that is the strong part and the big part of me I could give to Claire to tell the story.

RTC: And I did see that loving caring person. I really picked up on the fact that your character Claire was VERY patient, VERY understanding…

Both [Laugh]

RTC: So that was good for her. I noticed that you were in a film Bridge of Spies. Was that directed by Steven Spielberg?

NB: Yes it was. I was quite fortunate to meet him, and that was quite a special and amazing project for me.

RTC: That is amazing…Steven Spielberg.

NB: Yeah, I mean the greatest thing is that we all grew up with his movies. I think all of us when we were children, everyone could name at least one film of his that we could say inspired us or touched us. I remember when I was little, I was like a huge fan of Jurassic Park and I became interested in dinosaurs, and here I am sitting write next to him [Spielberg] making jokes and talking about movies, it was an incredible experience.

RTC: That is amazing, for some it was Jurassic Park and others it was Jaws, he does have something to offer to everybody. What is your favorite Scary Movie?

NB: The one movie I saw about a year ago, The Visit. That was by M. Night Shyamalan it was super scary.    

RTC: That is where they went to the grandparent’s house?

NB: Yes, exactly the kids are going to the grandparents and making sort of their home movie. That was so scary.

RTC: I do remember that one, it was scary. Well thank you so much, it was great speaking with you. Best of wishes and luck and hopefully we see you again in a horror film.

NB: Thank you so much. That would be amazing.