Friends. Do you know what’s more important than the Devil’s wedding? THE DEVIL’S WEDDING NIGHT. That’s when all will be revealed about world-shaking power, vampire lesbian encounters, and The Ring of Nibblehuggins. Sound intriguing? Throw Dracula’s Castle and identical twin brothers sporting an amulet from the Demon Pazuzu into the mix, and you’ve got yourself one bonkers film. And I don’t mean that in a good way! So join me! Grab some eggnog and whiskey, slap on your finest demon-possessed jewelry, and fire up the recap of THE DEVIL’S WEDDING NIGHT!

Lady Dracula uses Dracula’s ring to lure beautiful girls to her castle, where she murders them so she can bathe in their blood. Director Luigi Batzella, who made the incredibly erotic “Nude For Satan”, turns out another erotic horror that is not exactly short on plot, but extra-long on naked ta-tas. It is a stew with a lot of meat thrown in; Virgin sacrifice, Blood bathing, Satanic rituals, group sex, and much much more.

Rosalba Neri doesn’t get to have as much fun as she does in Lady Frankenstein but she still turns in a watchable performance. Mark Damon, who plays twins Karl and Franz, does so with equal commitment on both sides and in doing so pays tribute to Barbara Steele who played duo roles in Black Sunday, in which he also stars. They really do seem like two different people even though still playing with the good twin / bad twin cliché.

The rest of the cast is more or less disposable. Francesca Romana Davila, who is what amounts to a love interest in this film, doesn’t have enough screen time to register in your mind for you to even care when she pops up. Nice enough eye candy but pales next to Rosalba, and let’s face it, Franchesca is no Hammer heroine. Same case with Lara as played by Esmeralda Barros, though she does have more screen time, being a zombie doesn’t really give you an arch.

If you want to watch horror movies online free then this one is in public domain. The Elvira Movie Macabre version from Shout DVD is authored from the scratched American print and is a tough watch (though it does have Elvira to liven it up). You can buy good scary movies like THE DEVIL’S WEDDING NIGHT on AMAZON