Who doesn’t love Swamp Thing? The green terror of the marsh is one of DC’s most enduring characters. You may find it surprising that of the DC characters who have live action TV show or Movie appearances, Swamp Thing ranks third behind Superman and Batman! Swamp thing has 2 movies, with a third just announced. Two TV shows, and even an animated show. There is something about him that endures, and that is we we are looking at the all new 4K release of RETURN OF SWAMP THING.

The 1989 follow up to Wes Craven’s original adds ultimate rock goddess wife Heather Locklear as Abby Arcane, step-daughter of evil Dr. Anton Arcane (Louis Jourdan). NOTE: Dr. Arcane died in the first film but this is more of a reboot than a sequel, despite the title. Dr. Arcane is creating animal/human hybrid creatures and Swamp Thing is gonna stop him. Abby is a plant lover who thinks that her step-father may have something to do with it. Of course she will run into our hero and the two will mix it up like a salad.

Not a complicated film, but a fun time. So what does the 4K presentation give you? So much! First off there is the brand new 2160p UHD transfer that looks amazing, and who doesn’t want to feel like Locklear is in the room with you? The colors pop and the swamp it self comes alive like never before. Though soft in parts, the overall picture does not disappoint and most importantly, the blacks are deep and crushing is minimal.

The DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio mix is solid though there aren’t a lot of bombastic points in the sound design to really show it off. But it will sound good through your speakers!

Now let’s get to the special features. That is really what it’s all about!

With the 4K release comes two new features!

Reflections on Swamp Thing 35 Years Later (32 Mins.) – Producer Michael E. Aslan looks back at his film career with a focus on Swamp Thing and has some fun stories from the trenches.

Music Video (4 Mins.) A silly RiffTones video that is fun and right in line with the film’s tone.

On the Bluray:

Audio Commentary #1 – 2003 commentary with director Jim Wynorski. Always a fun story teller, it covers the overall film from casting to make up and choices made on the film.

Audio Commentary #2 – 2018 with Wynorski, Composer Chuck Cirino, and editor Leslie Rosenthal. This is more technical commentary that is always good for film students and enthusiasts alike.

Wynorski Interview (18 Mins.) – Think of it as the cliff notes of the commentary. Fun and bite size.

Holland Interview (6 Mins.) – The head Lightyear production Arnie Holland sits with Wynorski to talk about the film.

Cirino Interview (7 Mins.) – Composer Chuck Cirino looks back at his career and the film.

Rosenthal Interview (10 Mins.) – Editor Leslie Rosenthal talks about her editing of Return of Swamp Thing and working with Wynorski.

Trailers, TV Spots, PSAs, A photo gallery, and a promo reel!

This is a first rate package for a film that doesn’t get a lot of love. Fantastic job giving fans what they want and something to celebrate.

Pick it up when it drops on February 7th

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