In the Qikiqtaaluk region of Nunavut on Baffin Island lives a peaceful indigenous fisher town called “Pang”. More importantly are it’s resident free willed girls,

Maika, Leena, Jesse and Uki who live four different lives but have one thing in common.. being a bad ass heroine of Pang.

The four young girls played by Tasiana Shirley, Chelsea Prusky, Alexis Wolfe and Nalajoss Ellsworth decide to sneak off to the mainlands for fun. While Sitting back and relaxing under the Canadian sun talking about boys, cellphone data and their ambitions their attentions are pulled elsewhere when a blurry figure begins to move their way The girls crowd around a rock and between using the zoom features on their phone and binoculars they deduce it’s a bear. Uki jumps the gun both metaphorically and literally as she shoots the bear. It doesn’t stay dead for long before it goes after Aju, Maika’s younger sister, after a “pee your pants” type scary few moments they agree to not speak of it to the parents.

It being the time of the year when the parents go square dancing the girls decide to meet up with the Pang heart throb Thomassie Tiktak at a party he’s having and show him what they saw. Majority agrees it was probably a sick bear but Uki is standing her ground positivity sure it’s was a “Qalupalik”. A nunavut legend that is used to scare kids to keep them from getting too close to the edge of the ice. It’s said that the Qalupalik is known for stealing misbehaving kids and taking them deep under the ice. Everyone is quick to dismiss Uki until an officer shows up and disrupts the party with limbs that just don’t move quite right and skin that just hangs like a leather mask. This small jump-scare is only a preview of the horror to come, follow the story and the bad ass Inuktitut chicks as they revel in friendship, kick ass and save home all to one hell of a traditional throat singing soundtrack.

So sit back, Be welcomed to Pang and grab your ulu.. it’s about to get freaky!

– Gracie H.

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