Review: PUSSYCAKE (2022) Is A Snack Worth Eating

When I first saw the title PUSSYCAKE pop up in my inbox, I must admit, my reaction was “Whaaaaa?” Certainly not what I expected to see. But after watching Pablo Parés’ feature, I must admit. This film is a snack!

PUSSYCAKE opens with a kid busy in his makeshift lab making something. No, not a spaceship like EXPLORERS, or even a woman like WERID SCIENCE, he’s messing with portals. Apparently his father went through one and is missing. He is trying to bring him back. But what did we learn from PET SEMATARY? They never come back right. Dad returns after a successful experiment dripping with ooze and looking quite dead. OOPS!

That same night we are introduced to the band PUSSYCAKE. They are on an uptick and have a label offer. Life is good for the all girl band. Until they pull into town for their next gig. Their bus dies and the town is empty. Yep, this is the town where the kid was conducting experiments.

The town is filled with zombies. But not the flesh eating type. These zombie vomit in your mouth. No really. Blaaahhhhhhhh! Yep, it’s different.

The band itself has all the tropes, The lead, the drug addict, the pain in the ass. But you like them all and genuinely wanna see them make it out. What ever they have done, they didn’t deserve this.

There are a lot of references in this film which makes it fun, from RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD To MOTEL HELL, To THE BEYOND, with a sprinkle of DEAD ALIVE, this is a party film.

PUSSYCAKE is out today so save some room on your plate. You will eat this one up!

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