Review: The Family That Won’t Leave – UMMA (2022)

Most people love their mother with undying love. This is particularly true of other cultures. That being said, it can be troubling when parents won’t let go. And down right horrifying when their love won’t die…even after they do! That is the premise of UMMA from debut director Iris K. Shim and starring Sandra Oh.

Sandra Oh is Amanda. A honey farmer with a dedicated Online customer base in spite of the fact that she is very anti electricity of any kind. The reasons are detailed in flashback. Amanda’s mom used to give her home shock treatments when she would misbehave. Yep, Amanda and her mother weren’t close. Quite the opposite of her relationship with her own daughter, Chrissy (Fivel Stewart). This are quiet but normal. That is until her uncle arrives with a package. The remains of her mother and some of her prized possessions. What is this all about? Well, things get crazy from there.

As time moves on, Amanda begins to see her mom, known as Umma, which is the Korean word for mother. Each visit is more and more intense. Umma also begins to manifest through Amanda’s actions towards her daughter. Amanda is turning into her mother…literally, and she has to stop it before it’s too late.

Getting a movie made is a miracle in itself and Shim is a good writer though she does fall to the shortcomings that most new writers come to. That being said, she does a good job overall and there are plenty of disturbing scares in this film.

UMMA will be out on May 24th. Make it part of your weeks entertainment. It will do the job.

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