Retro Review: Hammer’s The Mummy (1959)

The Mummy is a classic1959 film under Hammer Horror Film productions. Starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, George Pastell and Yvonne Furneaux. The screen play Is written by British horror writer Jimmy Sangster who is best known for his works in Frankenstein and Dracula. Orchestral film score is composed by German-born British concert pianist Franz Reizenstein. Cinematographer for the movie is creative artist Jack Asher whose distinct style processing colors Is cutting edge for it’s time.

Movie is rated British X. The film begins in the year 1895 on an Egyptian retreat where a team of archeologist find the lost tomb of Princess Ananka. While excavating the scientist selfishly breaks into the tomb and read aloud the forbidden scroll of life to the great god of Karnak. The men are cursed with unrelenting death by an ancient embalmed corpse commanded by servant Mehemet Bey that. Mehemet, loyal to his God Karnak, uses the corpse to avenge on the ones who desecrated the tomb of Princess Ananka.

The Mummy is Beautiful written with a bit of a Romance to the story. Kharis secretly loved the princess and tried to bring her back to life by reading the scroll of life to the great god of Karnak. He was caught and punished. His punishment was so severe and sad that he became guardian to her tomb forever as a Mummy. I enjoyed the dialogue between characters and the production design was classic Victorian Macabre. The Mummies appearances is very tall, slender and frightening.

The way the Mummy came towards his victims with unflinching determination was horrifying to watch. I would recommend this movie to parents with children 7 and up. This type of horror movie would be a fun alternative to family movie night. It’s dramatic and classy and something very special you can always rely on in vintage horror 50’s film.

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