Review: STUDIO 666

Studio 666 is a horror comedy directed by WBJ McDonnell and written by David Grohl.  The movie stars The Foo Fighters, vocalist (David Grohl), drummer (Taylor Hawkins), rhythm guitarist (Pat Smear), organist (Rami Jaffee), bass guitarist (Nate Mendel), and lead guitarist (Chris Shirley).  The movie takes place in present day Encino California.

Seattle grunge band The Foo fighters coalesce to produce their tenth rock album. Grohl, desperate for inspiration and a new sound, wants a location that will inspire an album of epic proportions.  With the help of their manager Jeremy Shrill (Jeff Garlin) The Foo Fights move into a mansion with a gruesome history of evil carnage.

Dave unintentionally resurrects Sinister rock star Greg Knoll from the fictitious band Dream Widow when he plays an old LP found in the basement. Greg possesses Dave who becomes fixated with perfecting a never-ending song using the sonic power of L sharp.  The obsession to create the album exhausts the band members and evil Grohl soon begins a killing rampage in the mansion.

Studio 666 is a movie for Foo fighter fans who have enjoyed their creative and comedic comradery through the years. The bands personalities play well against the horror back drop adding the right amount of humor and levity during the movies more graphic and scary scenes. Talented cinematographer Michael Dallatorre makes a fantastic contribution to the film with outstanding special effects such as demons and realistic scenes of gore. The film score created by Ministry drummer (Roy Mayorga) contributes to the eeriness making for a kick ass slasher film. No way could I forget to mention the theme song is created by horror movie legend John Carpenter who also makes a cameo appearance.  Those who enjoy the film might also like to know that David Grohl created an entire metal album for the fictitious Dream Widow.

Cannot recommend this movie enough, especially for those who crave a good campy horror flick.

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