Review: Creepshow Season 2

Let’s talk Creepshow season 2 too. It’s great to have an anthology horror back in a big way and season 2 continues the trend of solid horror stories throughout.. Sure not are perfect but even the ones that are less are still better than a lot of stuff available on TV today. 
This season started off with a fantastic premiere duo Model Kid and Public Television of the Dead. Horror fans can all relate to Monster Kid’s  Joe Aurora (yes, named after the famous model kits). And Kevin Dillion is hatable in a way that may drudge up memories for some kids.
The second story Public Television of the Dead was a mini evil dead sequel. Deadites, Ted Raimi, nothing but goodness, and some of the best dialogue on a Creepshow episode. 
The next few episodes are pretty good with The Ethan Embry’s Right Stuff and Molly Ringwald’s Sibling Rivalry being standouts. But the season finale was next level. Night of the Living Late Show was a creative force. The hour long episode blends a modern story with the classic Horror Express. Justin Long interacts with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee briefly but seamlessly. What is more impressive is that Hannah Fierman doubles for Express actress Silvia Tortosa when she deviates from the film. So good!
Though that concludes the season proper we get two bonus episodes. The Creepshow animated special was solid with both Keifer Sutherland’s Survivor Type and Joey King’s Twittering From The Circus of the Dead each delivering great stories. Not a big animation fan so this was a pleasant surprise. 
Finally, the holiday special is now a yearly tradition. Adam Pally’s Shapeshifters Anonymous is so fun and had me guessing. Not only that but the thought of Santa and his army of helpers descending on a group hellbent on destruction. 
Creepshow Season 2 is a non stop blast and well worth picking up. Available Tuesday December 7th !

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