Review: Prisoners Of The Ghostland

What can we say about Nicolas Cage? He is a powerhouse. Sometimes more than necessary, sometimes less. But when he gets the mixture melon collie madness just right, there are few things better. 

Prisoners Of The Ghostland is one of those well mixed performances. No his performance isn’t PIG good but it is perfect for this film. A homage to everything from Escape From New York to Six String Samurai, this film is in essece a throwback to better times.

Nicolas Cage is Hero,  A not so lucky bankrobber currently serving out his sentence. He is then released by the Governor of Samurai City (Bill Moseley) with a special “Only he can do it” mission. Rescue his missing Granddaughter Bernice, who is trapped in Ghostland. To ensure Hero’s compliance, he is fitted with a bodysuit that will explode if tampered with, if he misbehaves, or if he isn’t back with Bernice in 5 days. 

Nicolas Cage is a lot of fun here. His crazy matches the plot and setting organically and doesn’t feel like two much. It is also nice to see Bill Moseley in a role opposite Cage. He deserves to walk among the best. The set design is cyberpunk chic and all its influences are visible but isn’t that always the case with Cyberpunk? Don’t hate on that. 

In the end Prisoners of the Ghostland is a solid film that though it is less than the sum of its parts it is still better than 80% of the films put out today. It has its own ideas and occurs the stick to its convictions. Definitely worth the watch.

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