The Barn Part II Trailer Kicks Off Halloween Weekend

It’s been a long wait for The Barn part 2. With all that is happening in the world it is understandable but I am glad that it is finally here. Loved this film and we at Sinful Celluloid are huge supporters of Nevermore! Time for some all new tricks and treats…

“The Barn: Part II takes place three years after the events of the first film and follows our final girl Michelle who is now in college. However, she is still plagued with the questions of what truly happened after what she believes was only a ritualistic attack that killed all her friends. With the ban on Halloween lifted in her hometown, the sorority girls of Gamma Tau Psi place Michelle and her best friend Heather in charge of the annual haunted house. Unfortunately for Michelle some uninvited trick or treaters from her past come knocking…”.

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