Simon Barrett is one of my favorite newer writers. He plays with conventions in a fun way and his debut directing offering, SEANCE, is going for the same feeling.

Camille (Suki Waterhouse) arrives at a fancy boarding school for girls, the Edelvine Academy. Having taken the spot of a recently deceased girl, she is not exactly welcomed with open arms. Not only that, but Camille is investigating the mystery of the previous girl’s death.

In her way is the group of mean and unaccepting girls who always inevitably show up, the administration, and some ghosts…maybe.

It’s a fun film that doesn’t go as far as we would like it but delivers better than most. But as usual, Barrett’s writing keeps things a cut above the rest. The atmosphere is solid and much appreciated and Waterhouse is engaging as Camille. Though you may hate the mean girl troop, it is more likely that they remind you of other mean girls and that is where the hatred comes from. That isn’t a mark against it, simply a fact of cinema life. It’s been done by the best.

That being said, this is a fun romp and well worth your time for the spooky atmosphere and interesting twists. Check it out!

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