Review: The Mortuary Collection (2021)

Anthologies when they are true anthologies, are great. If you are uninterested in a particular story, there is another in about 15 minutes. It is one of horror’s greatest gifts. The Mortuary Collection is one of these great gifts, a solid and atmospheric film from top to bottom.

 Clancy Brown is Montgomery Dark, a mortician at the Raven’s End Mortuary, who is breaking in a new assistant. The assistant, Sam (Caitlin Custer) is eager for the job, but Dark wishes to test her. To see if she scares and begins to tell her stories. Each more gruesome than the next. Each from a different decade.

The first story, taking place in the 1950’s, has Emma (Christine Kilmer) who loves to snoop and steal from her hosts at a party. Of course, she eventually opens the wrong door and discovers that you never know what someone else is up to. It is a fun segment but quickly out done by the second story, taking place in the 60’s, features Jacob Elordi as Jake, who wants another notch on his bedpost, setting his sights on a young freshman, only to inadvertently catch the attention of Sandra (Ema Horvath), who is a ballsy and straight forward as he is. This is a game only one can win and it is a winner takes all scenario.

At this point we see that Dark is failing to scare his new assistant so he cranks it up a notch. The third story, taking place in the 1970’s, has a couple who swear death til they part. Only the bride Carol (Sarah Hay) becomes ill and the groom Wendell (Barak Hardley) wants out, and finds a way!

The 1980’s story can be nothing but a slasher, but it does a fun job. We know the formula but we still enjoy it. Caitlin Custer also stars in the finale to the story telling as a babysitter being stalked by an escapee from an asylum. Sure we know the formula but it still is a fun ride.

The Mortuary Collection is a solid little film, worth the viewing as it is a true anthology rather that just a random collection of shorts. There was thought put into this and you can feel it. Like a chill on your bones. This is what more horror should be today.

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