Review: Random Acts of Violence (2020)

Artists are generally capable of greater violence than those who simply are violent. Creativity manifests in the violence of artist, even when it’s only on paper as it is with Jay Baruchel’s Random Acts of Violence.

Jesse Williams (Cabin In The Woods) plays Todd Walker, a comic creator whose indie book, SLASHERMAN, is about a real life serial killer whom some people feels he is glorifying. The fictional killings in which his comic series are based happened over a decade ago and there was not justice at the end of the murder spree. Walker is unsure how to end the book when the killer resurfaces and the final act is written, coming full circle to the creator and those around him.

While doing a tour in the area where the murders take place, Walker, his girl Kathy (Jordana Brewster)  Publisher Ezra (Baruchel) and Walker’s assistant Aurora (Niamh Wilson) run into a few people who are more than a little enthusiastic about the killer and his deeds. On the other hand, some are downright disgusted by what they feel is just tasteless exploitation.

But as they continue their tour, things quickly spiral as death begins knocking at their door and the crimes that they imagined and drew are now brought to vivid life. Who is committing these crimes? Has the killer returned? And finally, what are his plans for the creators of the legend the killer is perpetuating.

 Random Acts of Violence is a gruesome film. Co-written by Jay Baruchel and Jesse Chabot and directed by Baruchel, there is a creative sadism that flows through every minute. Unlike some reviews, I can’t say that there is a question about media’s effect on real life violence. This isn’t a message movie. It’s a straight slasher thriller with a serious heart that has one thing on it’s mind. To horrify you. On that level, it succeeds. This is a film to be seen and appreciated, because if for no other reason, they just don’t make them like this anymore.

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